With DENFAIR just around the corner practicemakes_ speaks to ISM Objects’ director, Simon Christopher, about design, technology and the future of lighting.   Some of the lights you are showing at […]

nurturing creativity

How do we in the local product design industry invest, turning a philosophy of supporting creative growth into actively fostering emerging designers?   There is no question, design is serious business. […]

one-in-ten chance

It takes considerable effort to build a name in the highly competitive European furniture world, PracticeMakes speaks to Melbourne’s Nick Rennie about the long-term investment required to cut-through from afar. […]

five things: tom fereday

Tom Fereday, somewhat of a shooting star in Australian furniture design, is often spotted cruising Sydney’s inner-west on a seemingly nondescript bicycle though a Brookes leather saddle is one of his […]

broaching myths

Trent Jansen’s Broached Monsters collection has finally emerged as the result of 5 years of research and development.In collaboration with Melbourne’s Broached Commissions and some of the country’s leading craftspeople, […]