five things: tom fereday

Tom Fereday, somewhat of a shooting star in Australian furniture design, is often spotted cruising Sydney’s inner-west on a seemingly nondescript bicycle though a Brookes leather saddle is one of his finer luxuries. So with an eye for detail and a non-stop schedule – what are the 5 things Fereday can’t do without, aside from his bike!


Constantly on the move, Fereday prefers to work from a laptop – the Apple MacBook Pro is his choice though he’d prefer it in black like he takes his coffee (not pictured) – another of his can’t-do-withouts. His finer moments are recorded on a Moleskin notebook (Hard back in black with plain paper) via a Rotring fineliner (2.0 to be exact) and the results are measured using a set of Mitutoyo digital calipers. With all that said, one of Australia’s most prolific designers has kept his saddle bag a secret and fair enough.

Tom Fereday designs furniture and lighting for Space Furniture, Dessein Furniture, Zenith and Rakumba Lighting – he is also a founding member of Local Design. For more of his work check out his website.