what is really in the post?

As creatives, our desire for instant gratification via social-media needs to be tempered with consideration of our clients, colleagues and our credibility. Here are our top-five things to consider before you go rejoicing in the high-tens!


ONE Posting an image of a piece of furniture or an object before completing design-registration means you will never be able to protect it from being copied or manufactured as a replica. Before posting anything into the world, stick it an envelope and send it to yourself, just DON’T OPEN THE ENVELOPE. The date stamp is your proof of ownership should issues ever arise. Better still, hold off and register the design – then go for it!

TWO Sharing details or finished images of a piece of commissioned work before it is made public by your client won’t sit well with them. Discuss a strategy that works for you and your client as, at the end of the day – it is their product or brand.

THREE Respect the IP of others! We all have access to some cool processes – be it photography of our work or manufacturing, and we get super-excited about seeing something come to light. Posting from behind the scenes can give your colleague’s trade secret away. Check first – you, in-turn, will be respected.

FOUR Respect your own behind the scenes IP, after all it your livelihood. If you develop a process or way of doing things that is your’s then sure, show it off but don’t teach other how to recreate your point of difference.

FIVE Be conscious who is following you and who you want to follow you. It’s a bit like a graphic designer only going to graphic design events, do you want to engage new clients or just impress your peers? Figure out what it is you actually want to gain from social-media.